Monthly Digest of Chinese TV Series | August, 2019

来源:AVTD China & CCTSS

作者:AVTD China & CCTSS


Arsenal Military Academy



Genre: Action/Friendship/Romance

Length: 45 min, 50 episodes

Release Date: 2019-08-06

Director: Kaidong Hui

Starring: Lu Bai, Kai Xu, Toby Lee

Produced by: Huanyu Film Corporation

Synopsis: Xie Xiang joins the army in her brother's stead by pretending to be a man. She becomes classmates with the wealthy Gu Yanzhen and the calm Shen Junshan. Through their rigorous training, the three form a bond to become comrades, while Xie Xiang tries to keep her secret. After many incidents, Xie Xiang earns the respect of her peers and superiors. She also becomes the object of affections of the two men in her lives. The Japanese military stations more forces in the Northeast region causing the young heroes to be engaged in battle as they uncover a big conspiracy.

Mr. Fighting



Genre: Comedy/Romance

Length: 45 min, 44 episodes

Release Date: 2019-07-31

Director: Xin Liu

Starring: Allen Deng, Sandra Ma, Hongjie Ni, Tongsheng Han

Produced by: Huace Group,

Synopsis: It is a story about the ordinary people in society who join hands to help an actor regain his fame and find warmth with each other during the trying times.

Hao Zeyu debuted 10 years ago through a talent competition but now he is considered as a has-been. He meets an unconventional team comprised of the beautiful, middle-aged Niu Mei Li, the chubby and unemployed Fu Zi and Fu Zi's dad who works as a driver.

The three are determined to turn Hao Zeyu into a super star. Through a stroke of luck, Hao Zeyu gets his shot at stardom which ignites a series of events. The interim family unit is in danger of falling apart as romance complicates Hao Zeyu's choices between personal interest and family. 

The Little Reunion



Genre: School/Youth/Family

Length: 45 min, 50 episodes

Release Date: 2019-07-31

Director: Jun Wang

Starring: Lei Huang, Qing Hai, Hong Tao, Yanhui Wang

Produced by: Linmon Pictures

Synopsis: This story focuses on the national college entrance examination, the “gaokao”. It follows three seniors in high school and their families as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives whilst preparing for this exam that they believe will determine the trajectory of the rest of their lives.

The Untamed



Genre: Action/Adventure/Wuxia/Fantasy

Length: 45 min, 50 episodes

Release Date: 2019-06-27

Director: Steve Cheng, Chan Ka Lam

Starring: Sean Xiao, Yibo Wang, Zoey Meng

Produced by: Tencent Penguin Pictures, NewStyle Media

Synopsis: The pugilist world is ruled by the powerful Wen clan, which dominates over the smaller Lan, Jiang, Nie and Jin households. The carefree Wei Wuxian becomes friends with the righteous Lan Wangji, and during their adventures, the pair find out that the head of the Wen clan is the evil mastermind behind a series of plots that would wreak havoc upon the lands.

Wei Wuxian’s attempts to protect the innocent members of the Wen clan from unfair persecution leads to disaster, and he goes missing in the process. Wei Wuxian reappears sixteen years later, and works together with his good friend Lan Wangji to solve a series of murder mysteries, eventually finding and defeating the true culprit. The drama is based on the Moxiang Tongxiu's novel Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

Love and Destiny



Genre: Historical/Romance/Wuxia/Fantasy

Length: 45 min, 60 episodes

Release Date: 2019-07-15

Director: Yunfen Li, Leung Sing Kuen

Starring: Chang Chen, Ni Ni, Ethan Li

Produced by: Gcoo Entertainment

Synopsis: It is a love story between the God of War and a young maiden whose very existence can cause harm to the world.

Fifty thousand years ago, Jiu Chen, known as the god of war, fell into a deep slumber after sealing away the demon lord. Ling Xi accidentally woke him from his sleep and they fell in love. It is discovered that Ling Xi was born with an evil miasma that can help the demon lord break free and allow the demon tribe to rise to power.

Jiu Chen refuses to kill the innocent and tries to change Ling Xi's fate. Through the encouragement of Jiu Chen, Ling Xi who was once innocent and naive transforms into a brave leader in a fight against evil.