CCTSS German Experts Committee: Established in Beijing, Undertakes Projects




In September 2017, the translator’s platform Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support Network (CCTSS) set up the CCTSS National Program Special Committee of German Language Experts, which will start undertaking German-language projects. The committee welcomes all interested agencies and translators to become members.

    Main members include:

  Professor Han Ruixiang, Beijing Foreign Studies University

  Chinese/Western Cultural Consultant Wang Jing

  Professor Huang Liaoyu, Department of German Studies, Peking University

  Professor Wu Jianguang, Department of German Studies, Tongji University

  Associate Professor He Ning, Beijing Language and Culture University

  Professor Ren Weidong, Department of German Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University

  Professor Jiang Aihong, Beijing Institute of Technology

  Associate Professor Gu Mu, Department of German Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University

  Project Researcher Wang Xiaoxin, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University


  Main projects include: Chinese Cultural Resources and Demands Abroad – An In-depth Look, Chinese-German cultural exchange and promotion.


  Contact: Xu Donghao

  Phone: +86 10 82300038