Young Sinologists Experience China First-hand




  The program’s field of China-related study included literature, history, philosophy, art, language, politics, education, contemporary society, and international relations. During the program, participating sinologists visited the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA), and Beijing Language and Culture University (BCLU), where they met with relevant research departments and experts for nine days of workshops and exchange.

  Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support Network (CCTSS) served as a support platform during this time, assisting in organization, reporting, and program surveying. In doing so, they helped sinologists from all over the world experience Chinese history, culture, and modern developments on a first-hand, objective basis, benefiting deeper field cooperation and cross-cultural exchange.

  During this time, sinologists heard lectures by experts like Huang Zhuoyue, Liang Yanmin, Zhang Bo, Huang Yue, He Mingxing, Xu Baofeng, and Liu Heping. Lecture topics include:

  The History and Modern Development of Sinology

  Developments in Chinese Language Teaching and Confucius Institutes

  Chinese Words and their Socio-Cultural Connections

  Problems in Chinese Culture Going Abroad – A Review

  Chinese Cultural Resources – Discovery and Use

  With the setup of four working teams this year, the Young Sinologists Study Program has covered an even more diverse set of content, giving sinologists a more intuitive understanding of China’s current affairs and development.