CCTSS Invited to Mongolian National Broadcaster 50th Anniversary




Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) invited the CCTSS Mongolian-language Expert Committee to attend their network’s 50th anniversary celebration and international forum discussion, held September 27th, 2017.

  During the event, MNB and CCTSS shared views on the new China-Mongolian development stage and how to better conduct cultural exchange and cooperation under the One Belt, One Road initiative.

  Baldan Enkhmandakj, head of the MNB Leading Group, stated that Mongolia and China have wide-ranging cultural cooperation. For instance, in the publishing industry, Mongolia is translating Chinese classics into Mongolian for local consumption. Baldan hopes that Mongolia and China will continue to deepen cooperation and cultural exchange in the future, particularly in their respective film and television industries.

  CCTV, BBC, NHK, and news-media agencies from all over attended the event.