CCTSS Member Receives Romania's 2017 "Best Translation Award"

2018-01-11 消息来源:中国文化译研网     原作者:中国文化译研网

On November 27, 2017, the Translation Bureau of the Romania Writers Association held the 2017 Outstanding Literary Writers Awards Ceremony in Bucharest. The ceremony was held to commend outstanding organizations and individuals in the fields of novels, poetry, and translation in the Romanian literary circle in recent years. The ceremony's awards make up the highest honors that can be bestowed in Romania. CCTSS member, Dean of the Romanian Confucius Institute at University of Bucharest, and famed translator Professor Luminita Rodica Balan won the Best Translation Award for her translation of Mo Yan's The Woman with Flowers.

  Ceremony attendees included vice-president of the Romania Writers Association Horia Garbea, director of the National Museum of the Romanian Literature Ion Cristescu, Senator Varujan Vosganian, and various writers, poets, literary critics, and publishers who enjoy outstanding reputations in the Romanian literary circle.

  The director of the Translation Bureau of the Romania Writers Association presented Professor Luminita Rodica Balan with the award. During his speech, the director said, "I've seen many great translation works from different languages into Romanian, and many of them have been breathtaking. Yet Professor Luminita Rodica Balan's translation of The Woman with Flowers is exact in its use of language and faithfully interprets the late-1980's, early 90's China of the original book. The translation accurately conveys the images in a way that is widely acceptable by Romanian readers, and it possesses both thoughtfulness and art. It finds its own unique appeal from the foundation of the original work."

  During her acceptance speech, Professor Luminita Rodica Balan first thanked the Romanian Writers Association, and then gave a heartfelt thanks to Romanian publishing house Humanitas, stating that modern Chinese literature would be unable to enter Romania and be met with such success without the perspicacity and support of the publisher. Professor Luminita Rodica Balan expressed her wish that more Chinese literature could be translated into Romanian. Following that, Professor Luminita Rodica Balan shared the difficulties she encountered and her experiences translating The Woman with Flowers. Among the most significant was how to handle the cultural differences of different societal environments. The Professor said that experiencing for herself and constantly improving her language and translation skills were the two best methods for overcoming these problems. Before finishing, Professor Luminita Rodica Balan emphasized the contributions of the Confucius Institute at University of Bucharest in bringing modern Chinese authors to Romania, and connecting and promoting Chinese literature. She stated that the Romanian people's extensive familiarity with such Chinese masters of literature as Mo Yan and Yu Hua was all thanks to the efforts of the Confucius Institute. The Professor added that she hopes that the Confucius Institute can act as a bridge in continuing to develop connections between Chinese and Romanian literature.

  Before Professor Luminita Rodica Balan's acceptance speech, renowned Romanian sinologist Tatiana Segal, one of the award ceremony's judging panel members, took the stage, where she described Professor Luminita Rodica Balan's path to becoming an outstanding translator. Tatiana Segal's speech brought out smiles from the audience and was met with warm applause. Ms. Segal pointed out the difficulties of earning the achievements that Professor Luminita Rodica Balan had, as well as the contributions she has made in connecting Chinese and Romanian culture.

  Other awards given out at the ceremony included Best Novel, Best Poem, and Best Children's Book.

  After the award ceremony concluded, general manager of Humanitas Denisa Comanescu and Professor Luminita Rodica Balan engaged in cordial discussion. Professor Luminita Rodica Balan once again expressed her gratitude for the publisher's strong support, and the two discussed plans for future translations, mentioning such works as I Did Not Kill My Husband and Someone to Talk To by famed author Liu Zhenyun. The two believe that more outstanding works of Chinese literature will be published in Romania in the coming years, and Professor Luminita Rodica Balan is expected to achieve even more success as a translator.



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