China-Latin America Philosophical and Cultural Classics Bilateral Translation Project: Subsidizing Works and Recruiting Talented Translators




In order to comprehensively consolidate and develop cooperative partnerships between China and Latin America while also sharing experiences and aligning the hearts of the countries’ people, the Ministry of Culture launched its "China-Latin America Philosophical and Cultural Classics Bilateral Translation Project." The Research Center for Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Worldwide has been commissioned by the Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of External Relations to serve as the secretariat for this project while CCTSS serves as its platform. Early efforts to collect works, organize evaluations, and allocate financial subsidies have been conducted. Of the 75 works reported to the secretariat, 10 have been selected to have their translations and publishing subsidized. Presently, exceptional Spanish and Portuguese translators are being sought out for a number of the works.

  Spanish Language Translators:

  A History of Sino-Latin American and Caribbean Relations 《中国与拉丁美洲和加勒比国家关系史》

  Spring and Autumn Chinese – The Software of Chinese Thought 《汉语春秋——中国人的思维软件》

  China's Mao Zedong (Youth Edition) 《中国有个毛泽东(青年版)》

 Portuguese Translators:

  The Chinese Culture Reader 《中国文化读本》

  Translator Requirements:

  1. There are no restrictions on nationality, both Chinese and foreign translators are acceptable. For Chinese translators, priority is given to those who have studied or worked in Latin America. For translators with Spanish or Portuguese as their native tongue, priority is given to those who have spent several years studying or working in China.

  2. A strong grasp of scheduling and organization is necessary so that translations can be completed according to the requirements of the publisher.

  3. Translators with book translation experience are given priority.

  If interested, please send a resume to (Please specify your desired language pairs and works you would like to translate.)

  Phone: 010 8230 0038