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 In 2017, the fixed price proportion of China children’s book against that of the domestic books in retail market reached 24.64%, maintaining its position as the largest classification as before. The rapid growth of children market also makes this classification the biggest contributor to the market growth, occupying more than one third of the entire domestic books growth.

The Fixed Price of Retail Book Market of China in 2017

Bookstores with the Share of Children’s Books Over 25% in Total Sales

  New Active Energy in China’s Children's Book Market

  As the post-85s and post-90s folk group become the parents of new gen- eration, their strong purchasing power has brought new, active energy to children book market. Currently, there are 556 publishers who are in charge of the publication of children books. The publishing houses that possess the top ten market shares are making more and more contribution to children books, with a contributing rate of 10.32% in 2017. In addition, over half of the professional publishers for children’s books have reached the top 100 in publishers’ rank ing list.

  The rapid growth of children market makes this classification the biggest contributor in the growth of market.

  The proportion children books takes in retail market is constantly rising, urging new publishers to join the publishing competition of children market, so that the entire market share of professional children book that publishers possess is rising stably.

  Why Can They Win the World by Win- ning Over Children?

  The reason why China’s children books sell well is very much related to the rise of middle class and the organi- zations that promote children reading. On one aspect, the rising middle class are relatively ample in economy and pay great attention to their children’s education of reading. Therefore, they would tend to purchase children books with relatively higher qualities, which naturally propels the development of children book market. On another aspect, groups and organizations that propel children reading are currently quite flourishing, which casts great influence upon the creation and publication of children literature.

  What is more, the flourishing devel- opment of children books have been influenced by two factors. Firstly, the opening of “two children”policy has effectively stimulated population growth, bringing more children to our country. Secondly, the consumption willingness of post85 and post90 parents is much higher than that of pre-85 parents. Their willingness to invest more on children’s education makes the children market grow very rapidly. It is also rather remarkable that children’s independent consumption has become the tendency of future development, when the amount of their pocket money and red packet money is getting larger and larger. According to statistics, the average saving of post 00 folk group reaches 2,570 yuan(about 406 dollars), and part of this money would be absorbed by the consumption of children books.

  Where is China’s Children Book Mar- ket Heading?

  Prosperous as China’s book market has been in 2017, still there are problems. Currently, the biggest problem of China’s Children book is the lack of innovation. Generally speaking, apart from the few domestic best sellers in the entire children book market, most of the products are monopolized by the imported ones.

  Nonetheless, it is also a comfort for us to notice that the occupancy of China’s professional children market is stably enlarged, which is an excellent signal for China’s publishing market. For children book writers who create original works, the prosperous Chinese publishing market has opened a communication door for publishing affairs home and abroad. The exchange and the optimization of writing methods and perspectives would surely be of great help for the innovation of works. It takes time for original children book writers to inspect the advantages and drawbacks of a book. For writers and publishers, it also takes long to think over issues of what matters can carry the affection of Chinese people, of Chinese children and of their growing process. That’s the direction which the future theme selection should head towards.